Domum's Process

Domum provides full service architectural services to our clients, developers, and community. We assist and guide you to take your home or business from vision to reality. There is a lot of red tape, we provide you the most transparent communication and find solutions from the beginning.

step 1 - consultation call

step 2 - feasibility study

step 3 - formal proposal/kick off

step 4 - Domum Delivery method


Domum exists to guide property owners through the design and construction processes by offering architectural products and related services.  We exist to advocate, communicate, and collaborate for human-scaled and community-focused design and construction projects.

We are able to be part of your project from pre-design through construction and everything in between. We can help bring your vision to life through design collaboration. It is our goal to provide you with the best guidance, transparency, and service we can for a successful project. 

Before diving into a project a feasibility study can uncover all the unknowns and potential red flags on your site or property to ensure your project is set up for success. Go to our Process, Step 2 for more info!

We provide existing building measurements and modeling to help our partners and competitors with the building’s existing conditions. We use Matterport system and laser accurate measurement software to provide the best as built. 

Do you already have an architect but want an extra set of eyes on your project? Our team can help check your design and architectural plans during different phases of your project.

  • Design and Architectural Review
    • Design intent
    • Code compliance
    • Project type expertise/advisory
    • Interior Designer Plan Review
  • Construction Managements
    • Request for Information (RFI)
    • Site Visits to Document progress

Domum prides themselves on their Domum Three Guarantee! The permitting process can be overwhelming but we can help you keep things on track by doing all the collaboration and follow ups for you. It’s important to find an experienced team to have built relationships with local jurisdictions, governments, and consultants to best serve your project.  

Domum provides a very unit experience for our clients! We offer you to experience putting on virtual reality goggles or a personalized video walkthrough to get transported into the future of your project. Need realistic renderings for investors or planning approval? Our rendering and virtual reality team can bring your vision to life. 

Printing services for large profile prints can be hard to find. We can be your go-to printer for bid sets, job site plans, and many other ways.  approval? Our rendering and virtual reality team can bring your vision to life.