Jenna Fujitsubo
CEO, AIA, Department Head

Jenna is the CEO/President of Domum and the new construction residential Department Head. She is an alumnus of California State University, Chico with a bachelors degree in Interior Design with 15+ years experience in the design/architecture business. She grew naturally into the architectural side of design from the start of her professional design career. Her background is in residential new construction, but she has an eye for restaurant and brewery design.

Jenna has run six half marathons but due to an injury her running days may be over. She is currently seeking a new sport.
Fun Fact
Tim Alatorre
Founder, CCO, Principal Architect

Tim Alatorre, LEED AP, is an internationally recognized architect, principal architect and founder of Domum. After decades of research, Tim developed the Domum Delivery Method (TM) which leverages the “experience of home” to create designs which yields high financial and lifestyle benefits for his clients. He received his Bachelor of Architecture from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and lived for two years in Spain as a missionary where he developed his love for people, good food, and timeless architecture. Tim and his wife Becky are proud parents of seven children. 

Tim knows how to play a number of instruments, including the drums, the guitar, the piano, and the recorder.
Fun Fact
Tracy Thoummaket

Tracy is a graduate of the General Business and Management program at Los Angeles Pierce College. She excels at understanding and breaking down processes and procedures to identify issues and make improvements. As Tracy is our Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operation Officer, she exceeds anyone's expectations. She has previously worked for multi-million dollar manufacturing and production companies with a key role in supporting, planning, and coordinating projects. Her positive approach mixed with her friendly charisma brings a fun dynamic to our team.

Tracy was forced to participate in a beauty pageant in 2002. Even though she disliked every minute of it, she won Little Miss Saigon and Miss Photogenic.
Fun Fact
Carter Inthavong
CPO, AIA, Department Head

Carter graduated with his AA in technology and design from American River College. He is our Chief Production Officer and the Commercial/Self-Storage department head. He has always been interested in the way things are built. Carter is a veteran of the U.S. Navy. He spent a lot of time in the water but has become accustomed to his office life. Northern California has been good to him and he is proud to call it his home.

Carter loves noodles the Asian kind not like the ones Italians call pasta.
Fun Fact
Rachael Dilbeck
CID, Department Head

Rachael is a certified interior designer, CCIDC, is our Addition/Remodel Department Head. She went to San Francisco State for her Bachelor's and Florence Design Academy for her Masters in Interior Design. She specializes in major additions on existing homes which is like a puzzle to provide the best design and architecture for the home and client. 

Rachael has a third degree black belt in Taekwondo. No, she will not jab you in the face, that's karate.
Fun Fact
Avneet Randhawa
Department Head

Avneet graduated from CCA, Chandigarh with a bachelor's degree in Architecture. She went on to work with architectural firms in Germany and India. Avneet is our Department Head in our India office. She is always enthusiastic and loves to travel, learn new things. Also, she can't do without her daily cup of 'chai' (tea).

Avneet can speak to you in 5 languages. Her native languages are Hindi and Punjabi. She is fluent in English as she has studied it since pre-school. She is conversational in French and German.
Fun Fact
Rachel Domaradski

Rachel is currently pursuing her interior design degree and is well on her way to working up the designer ladder. She started off as an intern back in early 2018 as a high schooler. Rachel is a positive and charismatic young woman who has grown into her designer role naturally! In her free time she enjoys watching reality TV shows and also takes fun/long drives to explore!

Rachel does not like tacos, but she will always be up for burritos.
Fun Fact
Kira Keehner
Accounting Assistant

Kira is achieving her Bachelors degree in Business, concentration in Accounting at Sacramento State University. She was the director and vice president of Membership for a year with the Accounting Society. She was scouted by her cousin, Rachael, to bring her onto our team. She has really proven her value quickly and has fallen into her role very easily! Kira enjoys being around family, especially her brother and sister-in-law! 

Kira's favorite food is Ramen, but her least is cheese!
Fun Fact
Andrew Daughenbaugh

Having graduated from the University of Southern California with a Bachelor of Architecture degree, Andrew is currently in the process of obtaining my Architecture license and one day dream of heading an international firm. He has become a very important key member of Domum very quickly. An important goal of his is to travel around the world and become culturally well rounded to be able to implement that into his architecture work. Andrew has learned a lot in his time spent studying abroad in Europe that he hopes to assist in the molding of Northern California area with his designs.

He is attempting to learn how to cook all different cuisines from all over the world.
Fun Fact
Deepanshi Mangla

Deepanshi graduated from Chitkara School of Planning and architecture with a Bachelor of Architecture degree. She has since then been working as an architectural designer. She has earlier worked on Australian architectural style as well. She uses her positive attitude and tireless energy to always work hard and to solve issues with a smile on her face.

Deepanshi is fond of ice-cream. For her, an ice cream a day keeps the stress away.
Fun Fact
Shubham Bhagat

Graduated with a Degree in Architecture Design, Shubham thrives to design spaces that merge functionality with artistic finesse. Outside of work, he immerses himself in the captivating world of movies, constantly exploring diverse genres. He is also can find him playing chess and cricket, two of his passions.

You can get Shubham to do anything for you in exchange for a box of Pizza!
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