Domum 3 Guarantee™


At Domum we pride ourselves on our communication.  We strive to be accessible and responsive.  Our proprietary project management system allows you to log in and see the status of your project, key milestones, delays, and more.  


We are here to guide you to a successful project.  We see our role as one of a coach or mentor, not a dictator. You know you better than we do, and we value your insight, ideas, and opinions.  We’ll present alternative solutions as we find them; we are in this together.


Your success is our success and our team will fight for you at every turn.  We will use our knowledge and experience to help reduce your costs, project schedule, and stress.  You can sleep easy knowing that we are worrying about your project more than you are.  

Travel to the Future with VR

You may have heard about Virtual Reality or even used it to play games.  Until you’ve walked through your future project you haven’t realized the true potential of this amazing technology.  Walk through your kitchen before it’s built, wake up in your virtual bed, virtually serve your future customers.

  • Immersive experience.
  • Feel what it’s like to be in the finished space.
  • Save time on costly changes.
  • Provide informed feedback to our design team.
  • Unprecedented level of confidence in the design.

Virtual Reality is like dreaming with your eyes open.

Materials & Finishes

Architectural design provides a canvas on which materials and finishes that create a work of art. At Domum we understand that doors, walls, and windows are just the first step in construction. It’s everything you put inside your project that brings it to life.  That’s why we offer materials and finishes specifications, including:

      • Paint and material selection
      • Hardware and fixture specification
      • Plumbing and equipment specification 
      • Custom Cabinetry Design and fabrication (In partnership with trusted partners)