Key Staff

Tim Alatorre
Principal Architect
With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, TIm has a passion and a keen eye for design. Tim has always had a passion for architecture, he worked as an intern in high school and went on to get his degree from the prestigious University of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Tim currently has his Licence to practice Architecture in California, Utah, and Idaho.
Tim knows how to play a number of instruments, including the drums, the guitar, the piano, and the recorder.
Fun Fact
Carter Inthavong
Senior Project Manager
Carter graduated with his AA in technology and design from American River College. His energy is amazing! He has always been interested in the way things are built. Carter is a veteran of the U.S. Army. He spent a lot of time in the water but has become accustomed to his office life. Norcal has been good to him and he is proud to call it his home.
Carter loves noodles the Asian kind not like the ones Italians call pasta.
Fun Fact
Jenna Fujitsubo
Project Manager
An alumnus of Chico State with a degree in Interior Design, Jenna has a keen eye for spaces, textures and color. She has previously worked with a leading national interior design company and has one of her pieces on display at the Las Vegas strip.
Jenna has run six half marathons but do to a recent injury her running days may be over. She is currently seeking a new sport.
Fun Fact
Daniel Torres
Project Manager
Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Daniel graduated with a degree in environmental design from the University of Montana. After graduating he joined the Army National Guard and is currently a leader for a bridge tolling company. Daniel also works as an artist, specializing in portrait style drawings. Some of his work is featured on this page!
Daniel has snorkeled in the Marshall Islands, but according to him the radiation has not left him with any super powers.
Fun Fact
Marissa Rivera
Office Administrator
Marissa graduated from the University of California Sacramento State with her business degree. She knows how to navigate her way around the business world which makes her a valuable asset to have.
Marissa loves boxing, coffee, and lions but not all at the same time.
Fun Fact
Rachael Dilbeck
Arun Besessar
Arun was interested in the arts in Fiji, where he took his first classes in technical drawing. In america, he went to Sac-State, and he graduated with degrees in Business Administration and Construction Management. He also went to study Architecture at California College of Arts.
Arun watches a lot Soccer and Rugby, and loves playing Cricket and Field Hockey, but not the other way around.
Fun Fact
Hunter Wood
Hunter Graduated from California State University Sacramento with a degree in Interior design and a minor in art history. Hunter has pursued his passion for historical design with Domum.
Hunter can ride a horse bareback and speak french but don't ask him to do either.
Fun Fact
Taylor Lee
Digital Media Specilist
Taylor is the photographer and videographer of the team. He graduated with a videography degree at Sac State University. Taylor loves drawing, writing, and movies, which is why he loves being able to produce his own content for Domum.
Taylor can solve a Rubik's cube in 60 seconds, but he isn't sure if that's useful or not in his profession.
Fun Fact
Rachel Domardski